1 Woman Speaks Out About Living With Vaginal Atrophy

At around age 45 years old her once loving, and sexually healthy marriage was rapidly turning into a sexless, nightmarish battle zone.

Arguments because of it were leading this couple down the fast road to divorce.

In her own words, Kathryn Colas explains how vaginal dryness caused through hormone changes in her 40’s, affected her.  She had no idea that her body would change so dramatically as she headed into her menopausal years.

Like most woman, she had heard of hot flushes and night sweats, but nothing about how her vaginal area would change, her well being in general, or about the likelihood of getting vaginal atrophy, or what vaginal dryness did to a woman.

At the beginning Kathryn thought that her symptoms were PMS (Pre-mentrual syndrome).  The only unusual thing with this was, these symptoms were happening more often.

In general, she also felt, ‘a bit below par’ everyday.  She brushed this aside and did nothing about it, as she didn’t feel ill, but didn’t feel like her usually well self.

When it came to sex with her husband, it wasn’t just a case of, “I don’t want to tonight”.

Her attitude was, “I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to be near you, I don’t want you to touch me”.

Her Husband Felt Like He
Was Sleeping With A Stranger

Kathryn felt she had become frigid, and didn’t understand what was happening to her.

She couldn’t talk to her husband about her vagninal changes (dryness), or the other changes she was experiencing.

(NOTE:  One of the first signs of Vaginal dryness (vaginal atrophy) is painful sex, or an inability to have sex, due to pain and tenderness.  Soreness in or around the vaginal area, even when you are just sitting.)

Doctors don’t really talk about this.  They don’t warn you about it.  Nor do they tell women how much hormones affect their bodies throughout their lives.

Women don’t talk about it, because they are not warned about it.  Many woman don’t even realize it’s happening to them, and often assume it’s an age thing.

Due to this, Kathryn didn’t go to her doctor about what was happening to her.  She found out about what vaginal atrophy was, and how to treat it, while at a medical conference, which then prompted her to see her doctor about it.

She was put on estrogen (vaginal hormone cream) therapy, and this worked like magic for her.  It saved her marriage.  She felt like her old loving, confident self again.

(NOTE: if you don’t want to be on estrogen (hormone treatment) there are other treatment options – See What Is Vaginal Atrophy

Often a woman only finds out about vaginal atrophy when the problem has got so unbearable (such as sex becoming painful, or general soreness in the vaginal area), that she seeks medical attention, or when her marriage has ended because she just cannot talk about it.

So ladies, if you are experiencing soreness, painfull sex, or just discomfort in your sacred lady parts, please talk to your doctor about it.

Don’t suffer in silence like many women do.  Vaginal dryness (Vaginal atrophy) is a common condition, and can be treated.


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(DISCLAIMER:  I am not a health care professional, the information in this article is based on my own personal experience of living with vaginismus, vaginal atrophy (including menopause issues), and what I have learned along the way. Some articles on this website will include other womanly issues that I feel women need to know about.  If you have any concerns about your health, it is best for you to seek advice from a health care professional – Full disclaimer)“.

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