Are You Breathing Correctly? Why You Need To Be

Do you think you are breathing correctly?  Most people think they are.  If you are not breathing correctly you are setting yourself up to have various aches, pains and health problems.

Most of us breath correctly up until the age of 5 years.  After that, as we have more things to focus on – get busier, our way of breathing starts to become out of whack.

(PS: I found checking in on how I was breathing on a daily basis, to be quite beneficial when under you know, lady stress.  When we are stressed, and not breathing correctly, our bodies also tense up.)

Why you should make sure your are breathing correctlyBy the time we hit adulthood, most of us have forgotten how to breath correctly.

Often we get into the bad habit of holding our breath when busy.

Most people don’t even give their way of breathing a second thought.

Not realizing, that if they were breathing correctly, they would be more productive, and feel less stressed.

Are You Breathing Correctly?

Take a deep breath in.

If you feel like you are going up, and getting a bit taller


During breathing, if you feel you are going up in your shoulder area – Then on exhale, your shoulders come down again, you are actually using your neck and shoulders to breath.

When you don’t breath correctly, your body is not getting an adequate intake of oxygen, which results in many health issues.

Incorrect breathing can cause…

Put you into a fight or flight mode

Make you feel more anxious and stressed

Neck and shoulder pain

Sleeping problems – Not being able to sleep

Digestive problems


Panic attacks

Sluggish immune system

High blood pressure

Chest pain


Low concentration level


Brain fog


Inhaling and exhaling an adequate amount of oxygen not only helps to protect you from the ailments above,  your exhaled breath also removes toxins from your body.

When you breath correctly your neck and shoulders don’t move.

Your diaphragm (belly area) should expand when you breath in, and contract (get narrower) when you exhale – breath out.

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(DISCLAIMER:  I am not a health care professional, the information in this article is based on my own personal experience of living with vaginismus, vaginal atrophy (including menopause issues), and what I have learned along the way. Some articles on this website will include other womanly issues that I feel women need to know about.  If you have any concerns about your health, it is best for you to seek advice from a health care professional – Full disclaimer)“.

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