9 pcs Reusable Sanitary Menstrual Pads Panty Liner Women Washable Organic Bamboo Napkin Charcoal Absorbent Layer Super Absorb For Heavy Flow Leakproof


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You will feel a soul peace as you know that now you have a solution for your monthly time that will save you money while you save the environment by reducing the landfill.
This product including 1 piece of washable wet bag and 6 pieces of washable fabric sanitary pad.
Our cloth Sanitary Pads is not a disposable pad, it could be washed and reused, so it contributes to the health of the environment.
The wet bag is a good helper for mom to put on diapers and plumbing pads, at the same time it is also great for traveling, because you can organize your clean or dirty clothes, underwear, socks, bathing suits and other things.

* Eco-friendly, no chemicals, no toxins, no gels, 100% chlorfrei
* Skin friendly, made from super soft, super absorbent bamboo to protect your skin, keep you fresh and comfort longer feel.
* Leak-free, highly absorbent, microfibrous middle layer and PUL outer layer, closes the pad in place and holds leaks, fashionable pattern outside of the bandage, fold over, snap into place.
* Washable, easy to clean, stains are stopped after washing in cold water * Reusable, great financial investment as well
Item Type: Sanitary Pads
Material: fabric + bamboo charcoal fiber + ultrafine fiber
M Size: Approx. 9.84 x 7.09inch
L Size: Approx. 11.81 x 9.05inch

Package Included:
9 x Sanitary Pads


  • NATURAL MATERIALS: Essential for experienced, environmentally conscious women’s intimate hygiene, made of high quality, soft and absorbent microfibre for a dry feeling and free wet bags, is a good helper for moms to organize diapers and sanitary pads.
  • GIANT SAVINGS: Heavy flow overnight / long protection for those heavy days and nights with added safety and absorbency!
  • COVERED BY 3 COATINGS: Soft fabric outer layer is more comfortable to take your skin than the disposable pads, the inner layer, which can be against your skin antibacterial bamboo charcoal fiber, it can absorb the liquid and neutralize the odors; To make This sanitary pad more absorbent.
  • COMFORTABLE SNAP DESIGN: Comes with wings that have plastic snips to better attach the pads to your underwear and make it more secure, you will never feel embarrassed.
  • REUSABLE AND WASHABLE: This is cost-effective and practical, this sanitary pad can be used to reduce the number of women’s gynecological disorders and leave you a more comfortable physiological experience.

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