Hesta Organic Cotton No Allergy Reusable/Washable Pantyliners pads,Set of 5


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Do you experience any physical issues like unpleasant odor, itching, or rashes during your period using chemical sanitary napkins?
Or are you looking for safe and healthy alternatives to disposable period products? HESTA organic washable pad is the solution.
These are soft, comfortable, breathable, super-absorbent and eco-friendly.
Hesta reusable pads are also ideal for during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.
You could protect your body and baby from toxic chemicals.
Also good for sustainable living. Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads mama cloth: it is made by women for women.
Menstrual Pads touch our skin directly so you must use environment-friendly products.
We introduce organic Menstrual Pads that is highly permeable and can absorb well.
It is thin and light so you will feel comfortable wearing it.
They do not feature a nylon lining. You can use them as adult cloth diapers or incontinence pads. We have 4 different sizes in slim, regular, large and jumbo overnight.
Two colors available (White, Brown) Two different style (Wing, Wing free). Experience the safe material of 100% organic cotton that did not use any chemical from growing processes to manufacturing procedures!
(We generate these products in small numbers with our utmost sincerity by using our own production line that generates only organic clothes.)
● Please wash new cloth pads once or twice before using them to remove the cotton natural oils for max absorbency.
● Safe production in a clean and sanitary factory selected as a ‘Clean Workplace’ that has been certified ISO 9001 and acknowledged by the Ministry of Labor.
● Multiple certifications including patents, designs, and trademark rights.


  • Safe Guarantee – FDA registered / Our pads are made of 100% certificated organic cotton (GOTS) without chemicals (no bleach and toxic), Ideal for women who have a sensitive skin or skin allergy. You can feel safe for your body, baby and the environment.
  • Fit-Max – Independent fixing wings are absolutely staying in underwear. Our new pads are designed thinner and softer to fit your body perfectly
  • LeakLockerTM – Waterproof organic cotton layers made of coated pure cotton fabrics maintains waterproof function even after boiling at a high temperature. We don’t use nylon fabric so that silent when you move and not scrunch at all.
  • Ultra Airflow – The most breathable pads keep natural moist from your body. You can immediately feel the softness and freshness / Long-lasting for 2-3 years with the proper care.
  • Perfect Daily Safer- The most flexible option for daily, Keep your hygiene with our slim and lighter pantyliner/ Colors: White or Brown (GOTS certificated natural dyes without harmful inputs)

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