Natural Feminine Intimate Wash Gel – Women Hypoallergenic Intimate Gel for Sensitive Skin ph Care


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Surprise your skin! Give your skin a sense of comfort, tenderness and protection with natural feminine intimate wash made by Natural Essentials.

Daily intimate hygiene is the habit that should be in the life of every woman who loves and takes care of herself!

Natural Essentials does not contain flavors and perfectly supports the acid-base balance of the external genitalia due to the healthy pH level contained in our intimate gel. Feminine intimate wash is characterized by a particularly mild formula, has a delicate consistency and a light, natural aroma. Ph balanced feminine wash is completely hypoallergenic and safe remedy to use for everyone, because it contains only natural ingredients.

Natural Essentials contains such powerful components as BISABOLOL, possessing anti-inflammatory effect, soothes and regenerates problematic and sensitive skin, PENTENOL with its antibacterial effect accelerates healing of injuries, and ALLANTOYN which softens the upper layer of the epidermis.

We take care of our customers and have an individual approach to everyone. Natural Essentials is designed even for the most sensitive skin because of consisting the following natural ingredients:

calendula extract – powerful natural antiseptic;

chamomile extract – has an antimicrobial property;

plantain extract – has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties;

dandelion extract – prevention of itching, redness.

+ Contains NO

dyes, cute, parabens, SLS and & SLES

Feel yourself absolute comfort with Natural Essentials feminine intimate wash!


  • EXELLENT DAILY CARE – FEMININE INTIMATE WASH: Nature Essentials ph balanced body wash provides purity and freshness of the intimate zone. Intimate wash is recommended for women with sensitive and extremely sensitive skin. Feminine intimate wash with 100 % natural composition of the product is especially recommended for prone to allergies woman.
  • GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR HYGIENE KIT: Intimate gel makes private part pure, normalizing your ph balance and neutralizing the odor. Nature Essentials ph care intimate wash contains an extract of calendula, chamomile, dandelion and plantain. Due to them, the means provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing effect on sensitive skin areas.
  • FEMININE INTIMATE WASH – NATURAL HERBAL PRODUCT: Nature Essentials womens intimate wash has been specially formulated to preserve and maintain the micro flora balance of the skin’s acid mantle. It is made up of natural herbs that include anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antimicrobial properties, accelerates regeneration. Ph balanced feminine wash has natural moisturizing, odor-neutralizing and calming capacities, that’s why your intimate part of the body will always remain soft and smooth
  • HYGIENE LIQUID FOR ADULTS / TEENAGERS / PREGNANT creates a powerful protective barrier for prevention invasion of infections from outside and suppresses attempts to multiply pathogens and fungi. Intimate organics gel good for use after shaving to prevent redness or dryness as it contains bisabolol, panthenol and allantoin that are provide anti-inflammatory action. Nature Essentials intimate gel for women – your intimate health expert!
  • COMPOSITION COMPONENTS: Natural Essentials intimate wash soap contains absolutely natural effective ingredients which relieve any irritation of the skin and have regenerative action. Intimate wash unscented has no soap, parabens, dyes and SLES. Besides, intimate gel perfectly foams and has an economical expense. Our bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser, pressing which is squeezed out the right amount of gel. Recommended to use twice per day.