Too Fat And Ashamed To Do Yoga? Fat Yoga Classes Are Popular

You rarely see overweight (obese) people in a yoga class due to the high chance they will be judged and frowned upon.  This problem has created a new trend called, Fat Yoga.

Most people think yoga is for those with a slim body.  For those that are overweight, just the thought of being the fattest one in the yoga class is enough to not bother going.

The truth is, yoga is for any body shape or size!  

Fat yoga classes are popping up online and in many towns and countries.  At these classes there is no need to feel low, or bad about your size.

These yoga classes are non-judgmental and most cater for all fitness levels.  So if you are a larger sized person, you no longer need to postpone doing yoga.

Here are some online Fat yoga video channels, and some classes in various towns and countries that I have found.

Fat Yoga Videos & Courses:

Amber Karnes is an overweight yoga instructor herself.

She knows what it feels like to be judged for being overweight.

She is the founder of Body Positive Yoga.

Here she shares the tools with you of

mindfulness, and yoga, so you can gain self-acceptance, and a radical body experience like she has.

Body Positive Yoga – Videos or visit their website for more courses/events (United States)

Valerie Sagun is another big girl that knows what it’s like to be judged in a standard yoga class.

This inspired her to do yoga teaching courses to cater for the larger body.

She founded Big Gal Yoga.

Students applaud Valerie for being able to adjust various yoga moves for their size.

Big Gal Yoga Videos or visit their – Website for courses and events (United States).

Fat Yoga Across The Globe:

United States – Jessamyn Stanley Videos or see her website.

California – A Gentle Way Yoga 

United Kingdom – Videos or see their website for classes and online classes Curve Some Yoga

Australia – Fat Yoga Australia

New Zealand – Fat Yoga NZ – Website   – Facebook

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