Unable To Have Sex She Suffered In Silence For 10 Years

Imagine getting married and then discovering you are unable to have sex.  Some women opt out of having sex until they are married.

After the happy moment of getting married, the next special moment is to (have sex), consummate the marriage.

For many women this special moment turns into a devastating moment.  They realize they cannot have sex, or pain free sex.  Their vaginal area is tight or feels very small.  Too small to accomplish having sex, or pain free sex.

To make things even worse, the problem can remain, for months or years.

There are various health conditions that can cause this, with the most common one being, vaginismus.  Vaginismus is a condition when the vaginal muscles invulnerability tense/clench up, during sex, or any other form of penetration.

Vaginismus  is more common than you think. It can happen to any women at any age.

Rashi’s tells her story below…

Rashi’s Suffered For 10 Years Of Marriage – Unable to Have Sex

For 10 years Rashi’s suffered in silence with vaginismus, before becoming aware of  what vaginismus was in 2016.

When she got married she tried to (have intercourse) consummate the marriage with her husband, but just couldn’t.

When she first realized there was a problem, she thought it was just her, her stress levels, the way she lives, her body.  She even began to think it was all in her mind.

For the first few years she thought this was normal for some girls who may be anxious, or experience a bit of pain, or maybe it was okay.

Then she started to realize, ‘this is not okay’, and felt she had something wrong with her body.  At this point she didn’t know she wasn’t alone, that many women have the same problem, often without even realizing it.

The pain Rashi’s experienced was disabling in every possible manner.  Both emotionally and physically, to the extent, it took over her life.  A snowball effect that took over her body, her mind, her life.

It made her feel in-complete in her life.  She lost a lot of confidence in many areas of her life, and did’t feel like herself anymore.

Rashi’s Suffered In Silence For A Long Time

She couldn’t talk to anyone about the this very intimate problem.

This changed when she saw some videos’s and found out about WTC (Women’s Therapy Clinic).  It was a life changing moment for Rashi’s, when she found out about vaginismus and what it is.

After getting in touch with the Women’s Therapy Clinic, she got treatment, and became fully cured of vaginismus.

As you will see on the video above, she now has tears of joy.  She can now have a normal life, and have a family.



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DISCLAIMER:  I am not a health care professional, the information in this article is based on my own personal experience of living with vaginismus, and what I have learnt. If you have any concerns about your health, it is best to seek advice from a health care professional – Full disclaimer)“.

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