Vaginismus Support Groups

Ladies that suffer with vaginismus often feel alone, devastated and outright embarrassed.  Often too embarrassed to talk to friends or family about it.  There are many vaginismus support groups out there,  both online and off line.

On my journey with vaginismus, I felt I had little support about dealing with this condition, both physically and emotionally.

The 15 – 30 minute appointments with various doctors and pelvic floor specialists were helpful for  the basics of things for me, but were often too clinically minded, with not really enough appointment time.

There was also a wait of a few months from when I was referred to a pelvic floor specialist, to when I actually got to see one.

So, this is when I turned to the good old internet and got searching, to get a good understanding of vaginismus.

I found various forums and support groups with oodles of ladies speaking out about their experiences with vaginismus, and what has/hasn’t worked for them, what has helped them, how many doctors/specialists they have seen, and the list goes on and on.

Going by much that I have read, it also became apparent to me that there are some doctors out there that are set in their ways about what type of treatment, or exercises are best for vaginismus,  with a mindset that what works for one person will work for every one else.

Well, just like anything else, what works for one person doesn’t always work for another person. That’s how things in life are.

Vaginismus Support Groups – Online

Some of the Forums below are public while others are private.  For this reason do read the terms on each forum should you decide to join them.

(I will add more to this list when I find more support groups).

Maze Womens’ Sexual Health – Vaginismus Forum

Maze Womens Sexual Health (Mens section)  – Forum for Men with partners with Vaginismus – Vaginismus Forum

Patients Like Me (forum) – Vaginismus Forum
(This forum includes forums for various health conditions – Learn more here)

Singapore Motherhood – Vaginismus Forum


Womens Therapy Center – See here

Vaginismus Support Page for Men (partners)  –  See here

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(DISCLAIMER:  I am not a health care professional, the information in this article is based on my own personal experience of living with vaginismus, vaginal atrophy (including menopause issues), and what I have learned along the way. Some articles on this website will include other womanly issues that I feel women need to know about.   If you have any concerns about your health, it is best for you to seek advice from a health care professional – Full disclaimer)“.



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